Take Control of your heart health & waistline using this cutting edge "DONE FROM Home" lab test
Discover How This CardioMetabolic Lab Test 🔬 Along With Our Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations Can Lower Your Risk💓 And Improve Your Metabolism!

Dr. Jonny Bowden is the author of 15 books including the best seller "The Great Cholesterol Myth", and has been featured on...

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Discover what's actually going on inside your body with our affordable blood test paired with Dr. Jonny's two videos explaining what the results mean and what strategies are most effective for your needs. 

✅ Collect your lab test sample easily, right from home.
✅ Get results of important markers and hormones rarely checked by conventional doctors.
✅ Discover what's actually going on with your cardiovascular and metabolic health.
✅ Get explanations about your results in easy-to-understand language from Dr. Jonny who is trained in holistic and functional medicine.
✅ Learn what needs attention first and get actionable steps to improve your metabolic health.
✅ Receive guidelines about nutrition, exercise, supplements and other lifestyle strategies based on your data.

Total Value: $830
Special Price: ➡️ Just $399

Here's What's Included...

    Lab Test Kit 🩸for Cardiovascular & Metabolic Hormones

    Your testing kit will arrive in the mail and come with detailed instructions and a questionnaire.  The accompanying video shows you how you can easily obtain your blood sample from the comfort of your own home using the finger lancet (a.k.a. finger prick) included in the box.  This cutting-edge test uses "blood spots" rather than a blood draw, so there are no extra appointments to make at any lab. Just collect the blood spot samples after an overnight fast of 10+ hours. 

    Lab Test Report🧪

    You'll receive a three page report detailing the results of your CardioMetabolic test which includes: Fasting Insulin, HbA1c (3 month average of your blood sugar), Cholesterol (LDL, HDL, VLDL), Triglycerides, and C-Reactive Protein (a marker of inflammation).  Plus, the report will show you any connection between your results and your symptoms, and a page of "Lab Comments" outlining each of the markers tested and their significance based on your results.  
    Value: $250

    Video Recording from Dr. Jonny Bowden

     Zoom video video recording which goes over:   
    🩸Each lab test marker, its significance, and what elevated levels mean.  
    🥑Nutrition and lifestyle strategies💪to improve your cardiovascular health and fat-burning metabolism.
    💊The best quality supplements and effecting dosing for each area of concern.
    Value: $200

    Q&A Session Recording with Dr. Jonny & Annika

    Listen to Dr. Jonny and nutritionist Annika answering participants' questions using a functional medicine mindset!  During this 90 minute recorded interactive Zoom session, many questions were answered including some that you might also have. After listening to the videos, if you still have questions about your particular test results 🧪 or health challenges, just email us and we'll answer!  
    Value: $200
    Fullscript Supplement store

    Supplement Recommendations from Fullscript

    After we review your lab test results and health questionnaire, we can create a customized supplement prescription plan for you needs!  You'll get access to our Fullscript supplement store with top quality brands, as well as a 10-20% discount on every order you place. Each recommendation will have indications, dosing instructions, and links to further documentation about the product.  
    Value: $200+

    Total Value: $850
    Special Price: ➡️ Just $399

    If you live outside the USA, ➡️order from our International page
    Questions?  See the FAQs at bottom of this page

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    Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS

    Dr. Jonny has written over a dozen books on the topic of nutrition, weight loss, anti-aging, and wellness, three of which were best sellers! He's been featured as an expert on popular radio and TV shows including “Dr. Oz”, “The Doctors”, ABC-TV, MSNBC-TV, CNN, CBS-TV, CBN, Fox News, NBC-TV and on morning shows across the country. 

    Jonny's books include "The Great Cholesterol Myth", "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth", "Living Low Carb", "The Most Effective Ways To Live Longer", and the blockbuster weight-loss program, "The Metabolic Factor". 

    A board-certified nutrition PhD with a masters in psychology and 6 personal training certificates, Jonny's no-nonsense, myth-busting approach has made him a popular writer for The New York Times, Forbes, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Vanity Fair Online, Men’s Heath, Prevention, and dozens of other print and online publications. He appeared in the 2018 documentary, “The Big Fat Lie,” narrated by Dr. Mark Hyman, about the origins of the dietary guidelines in America.   Follow Dr. Jonny on Instagram!

    Annika Rockwell, RD, LN

    Annika Rockwell is a Licensed Nutritionist and Dietitian specializing in Medical Nutrition Therapy and functional medicine to address the root cause of health conditions. 

    Her passion for nutrition and functional medicine stems from her decades of chronic health struggles which prevented her from living the life she wanted.  Annika was plagued with multiple conditions including autoimmune thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, bronchial and sinus infections, debilitating menstrual symptoms, PCOS, hypoglycemia, kidney stones, chronic headaches, and heavy metal toxicity, and ultimately, was told her conditions were incurable and be unable to conceive. What she discovered instead is that she just needed a different approach to healing... Food-as-medicine! 

    Her studies in nutrition and functional medicine helped her address the root causes of her symptoms one by one, and she became a new version of herself, free of debilitating disease, capable of conceiving, and able to live life to the fullest.

    Annika customizes a lifestyle medicine program for each of her clients in order to address the unique root cause of their weight gain, fatigue, thyroid health, digestive health, and peri-menopause symptoms.

    Annika completed her dietetics internship in Endocrinology at Cleveland Clinic of Weston. She got her undergraduate degree (B.A.) from Swarthmore College in psychology/pre-medical, and then completed a Bachelors in Science in Dietetics & Nutrition from Keiser University where she graduated valedictorian.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ➡️ Who is this program for?
    This program is best suited for those who are overweight or obese, or are at risk for cardiovascular disease, blood sugar challenges, pre-diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.  It's also for those who may be experiencing fatigue, high blood pressure, and desire a healthier lifestyle to prevent further complications.  It's ideal for those with a family history of cardiometabolic-related diseases who want to take preventative measures to avoid developing these conditions themselves, or reverse the progression of the disease. 

    The program is also great for post-menopausal women concerned about increased risk factors for heart disease due to hormonal changes during this stage of life.  
    ➡️ Can you order this test if you live outside of the United States?
    YES, here is our International ordering page. The lab can receive samples from Canada, Mexico, Europe and many other countries.  But there is an extra cost of $40 USD to ship you the test kit outside of the USA. Also, you will need to pay for the return shipping which is just the cost of a regular envelope to the USA. In order to bypass customs, you don't need to ship back the whole box. Just mail back the paper with the blood sample which you'll place in a plastic baggie before putting in an envelope. Your blood test is viable for up to 30 days. ZRT Lab has been doing quality control for over 19 years now, so rest assured, you'll get accurate results!      
    ➡️ Will my health insurance cover this? 
    No, unfortunately, this is an out of pocket cost. However, you may be able to pay using your HSA debit card (offered by some insurance companies).  Rockwell Health LLC is classified under "Medical Services", so your card should be accepted. If it isn't, just reach out to us via email ( Hello@Rockwell-Health.com ) and we'll try to charge your HSA card manually. 
    ➡️ What if I want 1-on-1 guidance after this group program ends?
    Absolutely! You can look into private nutrition consultations with Dr. Jonny Bowden HERE.  Or, contact Annika from her website AnnikaRockwell.com and see all services below in the footer "Lab Tests & Services". 



    My family’s nutritionist for over 10 years

    "Ms. Rockwell has been my family’s nutritionist for over 10 years. She is an excellent nutritionist who genuinely cares about her clients and their health needs and concerns. With Ms Rockwell you can expect to learn how to achieve optimal health through your foods, lifestyle, environment and much more. I highly recommend Annika's services!" Emily Jancura, Port St. Lucie, FL

    I highly recommend Annika...

    "Annika is a true scientist & nutrition expert. She’s so compassionate & more thorough than anyone I’ve worked with in this field. She’s helped me with kidney health, chronic pain & how to resolve this through what I eat. She’s truly a gift to this world and anyone who has the chance to work with her. Highly recommend…she’s the best!"  Rachael in Raleigh, NC

    Our Most Valuable Resource on Health Journey

    "I'm always amazed by and greatly appreciate how many resources you provide. You've definitely been our most valuable resource on our health journey! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This is an IMMENSE help. We're building up a reliable arsenal of products that we know we can trust and it's largely due to you."
    Shannon D. in Pembroke Pines, FL
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