How To FIX The Common Intermittent Fasting Mistakes Which Stop You From Losing Weight 

  • Solutions for the fasting mistakes which make you feel lousy and prevent you from losing belly fat!  
  • ​Easy-to-follow intermittent fasting schedules, times, and plan guidelines to optimize weight loss.
  • ​Best fasting schedule specific for WOMEN.   
  • List of helpful fasting aids and when to use them so you won't make mistakes that slow down your progress.
  • ​Strategies to optimize meal timing and schedule variety.
  • Diet guidelines, meal plans, and recipes proven to cut carb cravings, unmanageable hunger, and help you become a better fat-burner!


* You have lifetime access to the videos, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, we'll offer you a 100% refund!
* You have lifetime access to the videos, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, we'll offer you a 100% refund!

The Meta-Fasting Course Walks You Step-By-Step To Dramatically Improve Your Health and Target Belly Fat Using Intermittent Fasting and Advanced Fasting Strategies

The Meta-Fasting Course Walks You Step-By-Step To Optimize Your Health and and Target Belly Fat Using Intermittent Fasting and Advanced Fasting Strategies

Here's What You'll Get...

  • 6 VIDEO LESSONS from Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, easy to understand, science-backed information on the benefits of intermittent fasting to inspire you and help guide your customized program. (30 minutes each, lifetime access) 
  • PROGRAM GUIDE - A complete step-by-step guide with fasting schedules for different needs, guidelines, strategies, list of helpful fasting aids, common mistakes, and how to fix each one. (32 pages) 
  • MEAL PLANS with recipes for three kinds of diets, and an implementation guide for each. Scientifically designed to lower insulin, reduce hunger, and transition you to fat burning. 
  • SNACKS - Three weeks of nourishing snack ideas that won't spike your blood sugar.
  • MEMBERS PORTAL where you can easily access the course videos, resources, and bonus material.
  • Q&A with Dr. Jonny and Annika Rockwell RDN, Licensed Nutritionist.
  • BONUSES include free access to "Better Practice App" software which analyzes your diet and nutrient intake to help you see if you're on track!

Your Meta-Fasting Program Guide


    MEAL PLANS, RECIPES & SNACKS: Paleo, Keto & Low Carb

    These three incredible bonus offerings are GAME CHANGERS for optimizing your diet so you can cut carb cravings, and dramatically reduce hunger, allowing you to fast longer and more easily!  These plans help you lower your insulin levels, balance blood sugar, and help your metabolism transition to a fat-burning system.  Each PDF is complete with food lists, meal plans, recipes, grocery shopping lists, and implementation strategies.  You'll also get three weeks of nourishing snack ideas as a separate PDF.  Annika normally only offers these plans to her private consulting clients, but you'll get all of these downloads as a free bonus! 


    You'll get a free account with the cutting edge "Better Practice" app which gives you VIP level data analysis about your progress! Just enter in any data you want to track into the app, like meals, exercise, weight, inches, sleep, daily energy, and mood, and it will analyze it all.  You'll be able to see charts with daily and weekly progress compared to your targets.  When you type in what you eat or scan the barcode on any food package, it will automatically analyze the macronutrient ratio (protein/carbs/fat/fiber) and micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) for that meal!  With just 2-3 days of diet entries, you'll learn where your diet needed adjustments, and which supplements you might want to get for specific vitamin shortages.  This advanced analysis is worth hundreds $ since the data it reveals can help you get to the root of diet mistakes holding back your weight loss progress. 


    On your journey to better health, you'll want the best quality supplements which can help you feel better as you transition to your new fasting lifestyle. You'll save 10-20% on all the best quality supplements (+free shipping) from our Fullscript store which offers you our customized Meta-Fasting recommendations. This certified state-of-the-art, temperature and humidity controlled warehouse supplies GUARANTEED authentic professional grade nutritional supplements so you can be assured of NO counterfeits from China. There are hundreds of brands to choose from and you'll get our guidance on which are THE BEST and how to take them!


    Check out what other Meta-Fasting course members asked questions about. This Q&A webinar comes complete with a summary of topics discussed and time-stamps so you can easily go to that section of the video! You'll hear about the success stories of other participants, their questions, challenges, and our resources and suggestions on how to address specific situations.  

    Video Topics Include...

    • The science and benefits of fasting 
    • ​Choosing between different kinds of fasts and sample schedules: 12-20 hours, Warrior Diet, OMAD 23:1, 5:2, Partial Fasts, and Fasting Mimicking Diet 
    • What to consume while fasting and why
    • Tips and hacks to make it easier and for possible side-effects
    • ​Curbing carb cravings and making hunger disappear
    • Specific fasting strategies for weight loss
    • ​Modified fasting strategies for women
    • ​Specific supplements to supercharge your results
    • ​Exercise, ketosis, and managing stress hormones
    • ​Strategies to balance your hormones (insulin and ghrelin)
    • ​Fasting and personal growth
    • What to eat when you're not fasting
    • ​How to reframe hunger, tame anger, and facilitate change 
    • FAQs: Which fast to do, myths, coffee, sweeteners, MCT, menopause, protein smoothies, migraines, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, etc.

    6 Video Lessons


    * You have lifetime access to the videos, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the course, we'll offer you a 100% refund!

    Success Stories


    Dr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS

    For 30 years, Jonny Bowden has been writing books, featured on radio shows, and speaking at conferences as an expert on the topic of nutrition, weight loss, and wellness. Jonny is the scientific advisor for Rockwell Health LLC, and the best-selling author of 15 books including "The Great Cholesterol Myth", "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth", "Living Low Carb", "The Most Effective Ways To Live Longer", and the blockbuster weight-loss program, "The Metabolic Factor". 

    A board-certified nutrition PhD with a masters in psychology and 6 personal training certificates, Jonny's no-nonsense, myth-busting approach has made him a popular guest on television including “Dr. Oz”, “the Doctors”, ABC-TV, MSNBC-TV, CNN, CBS-TV, CBN, Fox News, NBC-TV and on morning shows across the country.

    A prolific writer, Dr. Jonny has written for The New York Times, Forbes, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Vanity Fair Online, Men’s Heath, Prevention, and dozens of other print and online publications. He recently appeared in the documentary, “The Big Fat Lie,” narrated by Dr. Mark Hyman, about the origins of the dietary guidelines in America.   

    Annika Rockwell, RD, LN

    Annika is the founder of Rockwell Health and has been passionately involved in the field of functional nutrition, holistic health, and nutritional supplements since 1996. She is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist who uses cutting edge lab tests and diet analysis software to help create specialized meal plans and supplement protocols for individuals with health challenges, food sensitivities, and biochemical issues with detoxification, oxalates and salicylates.

    After 15 years of work in the supplement industry including as a researcher for cutting-edge formulations, Annika now helps her clients via group coaching programs and her clinical practice offering individualized nutrition protocols. Her passion in children's health has also led to her developing nutrition programs for ADHD and anxiety, and a focus on solutions for picky eaters at

    Annika completed her dietetics internship in Endocrinology at Cleveland Clinic of Weston, and has a B.A. from Swarthmore College in psychology/pre-medical, and a B.Sc. from Keiser University where she graduated valedictorian.

    Jonny Bowden has been featured on...


    Q: Is there a specific time/date when I need to begin the Meta-Fasting course?
    A: No, you can begin the course and follow the program guide at any time that works best for you! 

    Q: Do I need to purchase any supplements to do the Meta-Fasting course?
    A: No, there is nothing you "have to" buy! But we will recommend some of our favorite supplements that can help you get the best results possible and minimize any possible discomforts while fasting.

    Q: Do I need to change my diet to get the benefits from this Meta-Fasting course ?
    A: No, you don't "have to" change your diet to get benefits from following our program. However, you may need to if you feel too hungry or lousy to even complete an intermittent fast.  Some diet tweaks can greatly reduce your hunger and cravings!  We're going to encourage you to get the best results possible by optimizing your diet!

    Q: Do I have to stop going to work or stop exercising while following the program?
    A: No, definitely not. There are many different kinds of fasting strategies you will learn about and you can absolutely continue your daily routine, go to work, and add in exercise at key times during your program.  All the details and precautions if any, are covered inside the course. 

    Q:  I have a very physically active job 6 days a week and I need to eat every two hours when I'm working. How could I possibly do any kind of fast? 
    A:  One thing you might be surprised to learn in this Meta-Fasting course is that you actually don't NEED to eat every two hours... But your body has become used to it because it only knows how to burn quick sugars and carbohydrates. By learning the strategies we'll cover in this course, you'll be able to train your body to switch to a different fuel source - your own body fat, which can provide consistent physical and mental energy for an entire day or more! 

    Q: I have an extremely stressful life and I use food to help cope with my stress and anxiety. But, I really need to lose a lot of weight.  Can I do this Meta-Fasting program? 
    A: Yes, we have a whole video on this topic discussing the relationship between stress, food cravings, and weight gain and some helpful strategies which you can start implementing in your life right away. You'll also learn about some easy beginner type of fasts which you can try out, even if your life is very stressful. 

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