Food Sensitivity Lab Test Package: 100-Foods


Your favorite foods, even healthy ones, could be making you sick.

You'll Receive:

  • A Blood Draw
    Options to have your blood drawn at Cell Science Systems
     (Deerfield Beach, FL)  OR have the kit mailed to you and go to for closest location to you anywhere in the USA.
  • Client Portal: Immediate access to the "Better" app on your phone or computer giving you step-by-step instructions and guidelines about your program. Regular updates will show your lab results, meal plans, and nutritionist recommendations!
  • Lab Results: Your test results and implementation guide will help you get you started quickly.
  • Explanation: 30 minute overview of understanding your results with a health advisor at Cell Science Systems
  • Meal Plans and Recipes: Using your lab results, Annika Rockwell, RDN will customize your delicious and nutritionally balanced meal plans.
  • Grocery Shopping Lists: Your weekly food list will be based on the items on your meal plan recipes, which are all based on your lab results & meal preferences. 
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Complete Vitamin, Mineral & Antioxidant Test: Save $100 by ordering it now! Using the same blood sample, the lab will test for micronutrient insufficiencies including 15 VITAMINS, 15 MINERALS, and 17 AMINO ACIDS. This incredibly useful data will allow you to get a customized supplement program based on YOUR exact NEEDS! Plus, the test includes a measure of overall antioxidant capacity and details about WHICH ANTIOXIDANTS are especially beneficial FOR YOU by seeing how your blood reacts with 31 different botanicals, plant pigments, phytonutrients, and 17 antioxidants, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

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