Cutting-Edge Test Reveals What's Slowing Down Your Metabolism And How To Optimize Your Energy, Brain Health, Immune System & Detoxification!

Get detailed insight into your unique biochemistry through the OMX Metabolomics lab test.  The results will help us create a customized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan tailored specifically for you.

No more trial and error with different diets and supplements. This lab test will analyze over 116 markers so we get straight into what works best for your metabolism, energy, detoxification, inflammation, brain neurotransmitters, and overall wellness.

✅ Reach your weight loss & wellness goals faster by having a plan based on your individual needs
✅ Comprehensive picture of what nutrients are missing or out of balance
✅ Recommendations very specific to your biochemical needs

Save yourself years of guesswork. Just test to see what's going on, and you'll reach your goals faster!

Total Value: $830
Special Price: ➡️ Just $515

Here's What's Included...

    Lab Test for Metabolism, Energy, Brain Health, Anxiety, Inflammation, Immunity & Detoxification

    In order to create a customized nutrition plan to optimize your health, we must first find out what's going on inside your body at a cellular level. This exciting cutting-edge lab test will check for over 116 analytes and amino acids involved in the biochemistry of your metabolism, energy, detoxification, brain neurotransmitters, digestion, immunity, and inflammation. We will interpret the results and let you know what deficiencies exist, what is out of balance and exactly how to fix those things! The first part of the test is done from home via morning urine sample, and then a simple blood draw (see options for locations). You'll receive the kit in the mail to bring it to the facility. We'll go over the instructions with you and make it all as easy as possible for you!
    Value: $515

    Comprehensive Lab Test Report (14 Pages)

    In-Depth Analysis of your: 
    ✅ Metabolism and any dysfunction
    ✅ Protein, amino acid, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism
    ✅ Energy and detoxification process
    ✅ Vitamin deficiencies and nutrient imbalances
    ✅ Microbial yeast, oxalates, and metabolites
    ✅ Brain neurotransmitters controlling mood, anxiety and depression
    ✅ Inflammation and stress response
    ✅ Mitochondrial function in charge of energy and ability to burn carbs 
    ✅ Key metabolic pathways and what needs support (Sample Report)

    Consultation & Interpretation (90 minutes)

    You'll speak with Annika or expert team member via Zoom for a 1-on-1 session: 
    🩺Functional medicine assessment of your symptoms, goals, and medical history 
    🩸Review and interpretation of your lab test results
    🧪Actionable guidelines including diet, lifestyle, and supplements for your needs. 
    Value: $350+

    Customized Supplement Program

    💊Specific recommendations based on your lab test results so that you get exactly what you need to correct underlying imbalances.
    📋A spreadsheet detailing when to take each supplement, what it's for, and which part of your lab test it's addressing. 
    ⭐Top quality supplements from professional brands that we've used for many years with our patients.
    💰Discount on every order your place inside our Fullscript Store!
    Value: $150+

    Diet Macronutrient Prescription

    During our Zoom session together, you'll get a plan with:
    ⚖️Your customized daily recommendations for grams of protein, fat, and carbs
    🥦Your food list
    🥩Protein visual guide
    🥑Fiber visual guide
    🍽️Access to use my client app for food journaling to see if you're on track
    Value: $225+

    Diet Doctor App with Recipes

    You'll get a 3 month subscription to The Diet Doctor app (created by the well respected Swedish medical doctor and nutritionist, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt).  You'll get to choose from hundreds of fantastic recipes to build your meal plan for the week, and a "smart shopping list" based on the meals you've picked. There are also cooking videos, valuable educational resources, and a community chat with others on a similar weight loss journey. App available for mobile or computer. To activate your subscription, just email us to say you're ready! Value: $36-$100

    Total Value: $830
    Special Price: ➡️ Just $515


    Annika Rockwell is a Licensed Nutritionist and Dietitian with twenty-six years experience in Medical Nutrition Therapy and functional medicine to address the root cause of health conditions. 

    Annika's nutrition and lifestyle programs are created using evidence-based therapies and functional lab testing to get personalized and effective recommendations. In 2023 to 2024, Annika's continuing education has included a certification in Menopause Hormone Literacy via QSI, and coursework on advanced lab testing via The Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine.



    Could not have lost weight without your help!

    "Neeka, I appreciate the world out of you. You've helped me lost 15 pounds already! 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH! This is my FIRST time losing weight without starving myself. I couldn't have done it without your help!" - Daniela in Cooper City, FL

    Lost 28 pounds and a decade of aging! 

    "Ms. Rockwell showed me how to properly do intermittent fasting and use a healthy keto diet to lose 28 pounds and a decade of aging! I have more energy and mental clarity. Her expertise on blood testing and technology to monitor my body is cutting edge (diet app, Fitbit, Keto-mojo). She asks the right questions, is very detailed, intelligent, and pleasant to work with... a wonderful transformational experience! Without hesitation, I recommend Ms. Rockwell." -M. McDonald in Southwest Ranches, FL

    Lost 26 inches and pain & fatigue are gone!

    I've learned so much about myself through Annika's program. I am now pain free, headache free, I'm not bloated, I'm not constipated, and my energy is through the roof!  She knew exactly where to direct me. Following that diet was a big revelation. It was a learning process and I welcomed it. It's a no brainer. If you have access to her, then don't even think about it... Just do it. Commit. It's 100% worth it! I rave and recommend her program to everybody. -Millie in Miami, FL


    My family’s nutritionist for over 10 years

    "Ms. Rockwell has been my family’s nutritionist for over 10 years. She is an excellent nutritionist who genuinely cares about her clients and their health needs and concerns. With Ms Rockwell you can expect to learn how to achieve optimal health through your foods, lifestyle, environment and much more. I highly recommend Annika's services!" Emily Jancura, Port St. Lucie, FL

    Age 50 and back to my college weight!

    Annika is so knowledgeable!  For years, I struggled with 20-30 excess pounds even though I was exercising a ton, and thought I was eating reasonably well. The program she put me on last year did the trick and I lost a total of 30 pounds and have kept it off! At age 50, I'm back at my college weight, and feeling fitter than ever! And, the advice Annika gave me also helped my psoriasis become hardly noticeable. I highly recommend her" -Tony N. in Miami Beach, FL

    No more chronic pain in my stomach, kidneys, and head

    Before my first meeting with Annika, I had had HORRIBLE pain in my gut after every meal. I would blow up like a balloon even when I ate very little. I also had constant pain in my right kidney from stones that I haven't passed, and I had headaches every day around 4pm.  Within five days on her program, my GI pain was gone. After 10 days, I no longer had daily headaches. And after a month, I no longer have kidney pain!! -M.A. in Miami, FL

    I highly recommend Annika...

    "Annika is a true scientist & nutrition expert. She’s so compassionate & more thorough than anyone I’ve worked with in this field. She’s helped me with kidney health, chronic pain & how to resolve this through what I eat. She’s truly a gift to this world and anyone who has the chance to work with her. Highly recommend…she’s the best!"  Rachael in Raleigh, NC


    Our Most Valuable Resource on Health Journey

    "Neeka, I'm always amazed by and greatly appreciate how many resources you provide. You've definitely been our most valuable resource on our health journey! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This is an IMMENSE help. We're building up a reliable arsenal of products that we know we can trust and it's largely due to you."
    Shannon D. in Pembroke Pines, FL

    Neeka. You. Saved. My. Life!

    I'm on vacation and I can wear a bikini now.  I feel SO much BETTER!!  You. Saved My. Life. Thank you!  I needed this. Also been working on healing my thyroid and detoxing like we spoke about.  That book and your program are my bible.  I thank God our paths have crossed.  I am so grateful to have met you!! - Juliette N. in Raleigh, NC
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