Licensed Nutritionist and Dietitian


You can improve your medical condition and reach your weight loss goals FASTER and EASIER if you have a nutrition expert helping you cut through the confusion with personalized guidance and support.  

I LOVE to Transform Lives With Nutrition THERAPY!

Hi, I'm Annika.  I want to save you time and needless struggle by helping you customize a diet and supplement plan that works for your unique needs.  

I have twenty six years of professional experience in the field of functional nutrition, integrative health, and Medical Nutrition Therapy, so I can create a transformational program to address your health challenges!

I LOVE what I do!  I’m fascinated with uncovering the biochemistry behind the WHY and HOW to fix the root cause of medical conditions and other imbalances.  It’s my mission to help you start feeling better!

By working together, I'll help you uncover the hidden challenges causing your symptoms, and give you easy-to-follow steps towards improving them.

Lost 28 pounds and a decade of aging! 

"Ms. Rockwell showed me how to properly do intermittent fasting and use a healthy keto diet to lose 28 pounds and a decade of aging! I have more energy and mental clarity. Her expertise on blood testing and technology to monitor my body is cutting edge (diet app, Fitbit, Keto-mojo). She asks the right questions, is very detailed, intelligent, and pleasant to work with... a wonderful transformational experience! Without hesitation, I recommend Ms. Rockwell." -M. McDonald in Southwest Ranches, FL

Annika. You. Saved. My. Life!

Annika. I'm on vacation and I can wear a bikini now.  I feel SO much BETTER!!  You. Saved My. Life. Thank you!  I needed this. Also been working on healing my thyroid and detoxing like we spoke about.  That book and your program are my bible.  I thank God our paths have crossed.  I am so grateful to have met you!! - Juliette N. in Sunrise, FL
Here's What's Included...

    Comprehensive Consultation - 90 Minutes

    --> Dedicated 1-on-1 session (via phone, video, or in-person)
    --> Clarity about your individual needs, challenges, and goals
    --> Medical history + symptom review
    --> Solutions to implement, reasons why, and discussion about your new program 
    --> Medical Nutrition Therapy if you have a medical condition 
    --> Comprehensive assessment of your diet, supplements, and any bloodwork.  
    --> In-depth recommendations and resources for your new program! 
    Value: $225+

    Support, Guidance, and Accountability (4-Weeks)

    Once you've received your new comprehensive program, you'll have ongoing guidance and support from me. Have questions while at the grocery store?  Questions about foods, supplements, symptoms, changes, or how to handle a specific situation?  Need reminders about what we talked about?  Just text me, email me, or send me photos from the store and I'll help you!  I'm here to help you implement and navigate your new nutrition program and encourage you!  I want you know I'll be there ready to help!  Value: $400

    Customized Meal Plan Menu & New Recipes

     I will customize a healthy and delicious nutrient-dense meal plan for 7 days based on your unique needs and food preferences, and it will include recipes and a shopping list!  You'll have options for substitutions if there are any foods you need to avoid.  The plan will include my calculations for the right amount of protein, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals for your needs.  If you love to cook and want new recipes every week, just activate your free subscription on my meal planning system!  You'll love the features of visually planning your meals for the week with Living Plate Rx.  If you're not great in the kitchen but would like to learn, their training videos will guide you!  Value: $125 + $20 p/month

    Supplement Program

    Chronic health symptoms are often caused by nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. You may be taking a whole bunch of supplements, but if they are the wrong ones for your needs, or poor quality, then they aren't doing you any good!  I'll upgrade your supplement plan with detailed explanation of which ones I recommend, why, and how to take them. You'll get 20% discount on all your orders from my Fullscript dispensary, a state-of-the-art temperature controlled facility.  You'll enjoy top notch quality and better prices than Amazon!  Value: $75 plus monthly savings from lifetime discount on orders!

    Client App For Diet & Lifestyle Tracking

    You'll get immediate access to the Practice Better client app (computer or phone app).  It's a convenient platform where you will find our consultation notes, your new program recommendations, resources, reminders, your meal plans, and supplement suggestions. It also allows you to track and analyze your meals, water intake, exercise, symptoms, and mood each day so I can monitor you and offer feedback and guidance.  It also where you can book any future sessions with me. The software and app are HIPAA compliant for security.  Value: $39 p/m for app + $160 for 4 weeks of feedback on your entries. 

    Age 50 and back to my college weight!

    Annika is so knowledgeable!  For years, I struggled with 20-30 excess pounds even though I was exercising a ton, and thought I was eating reasonably well. The program Annika put me on last year did the trick and I lost a total of 30 pounds and have kept it off! At age 50, I'm back at my college weight, and feeling fitter than ever! And, the advice Annika gave me also helped my psoriasis become hardly noticeable. I highly recommend her" -Tony N. in Miami Beach, FL

    My family’s nutritionist for over 10 years

    "Annika Rockwell has been my family’s nutritionist for over 10 years. She is an excellent nutritionist who genuinely cares about her clients and their health needs and concerns. With Ms Rockwell you can expect to learn how to achieve optimal health through your foods, lifestyle, environment and much more. I highly recommend Annika's services!" Emily Jancura, Port St. Lucie, FL

    Helped me with kidneys and chronic pain

    "Annika is a true scientist & nutrition expert. She’s so compassionate & more thorough than anyone I’ve worked with in this field. She’s helped me with kidney health, chronic pain & how to resolve this through what I eat. She’s truly a gift to this world and anyone who has the chance to work with her. Highly recommend…she’s the best!"  Rachael in Raleigh, NC


    • $225 90-min initial consultation including Medical Nutrition Therapy
    • $400+ Support & guidance on your new program for 4 weeks
    • $125 Customized 7-day meal plan
    • ​$20 New recipes via Living Plate Rx 4 weeks
    • $75 Supplement program + more savings $$ via discount on each order
    • $39 Client app with diet & lifestyle tracking
    • $160 weekly feedback on your diet journal entries

    Actual Package Value $1,044


    Our Most Valuable Resource on Health Journey

    "Annika, I'm always amazed by and greatly appreciate how many resources you provide. You've definitely been our most valuable resource on our health journey! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This is an IMMENSE help. We're building up a reliable arsenal of products that we know we can trust and it's largely due to you."
    Shannon D. in Pembroke Pines, FL

    I’m NOT hungry all the time anymore!

    "It's amazing how I'm NOT hungry ALL THE TIME anymore. Just two and a half weeks ago before your Meta-Fasting course, I could not stop eating for months... if not for the whole Pandemic year!" Jo K, Meta-Fasting course participant

    First time in over 14 years without a headache!

    "I need to THANK YOU... For the first time in over 14-years, it's been over 2 weeks without getting a headache or a migraine! Am I going to continue with Meta-Fasting? Damn right I am!" -Andrea L., Meta-Fasting course participant


    Annika has been passionately involved in the field of functional nutrition, holistic health, and nutritional supplements since 1996. She is a Registered Dietitian, a Licensed Nutritionist, and a Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner who uses cutting edge tools and lab tests to create customized programs for individuals with health challenges, medical conditions, food sensitivities, and metabolic issues. She loves helping transform lives using nutrition therapy!

    Her most recent and exciting project has been developing the Meta-Fasting program with Dr. Jonny Bowden to help her clients who have weight loss struggles. It's is a complete course on specific intermittent fasting strategies for optimal fat-burning, energy, and to address the root biochemical cause of carb cravings and constant hunger.

    In the past, Annika spent 12 years developing nutrition programs for pediatric brain and behavior challenges like ADHD, anxiety, and picky eating and focused on special diets including the Feingold Diet, Failsafe RPAH Elimination, Low-Salicylate, and Low-Oxalate Diet. She also worked in the supplement industry for 15 years as a researcher for cutting-edge formulations.
    Annika completed her dietetics internship in Endocrinology at Cleveland Clinic of Weston. She got her undergraduate degree (B.A.) from Swarthmore College in psychology/pre-medical, and then completed a Bachelors in Science from Keiser University where she graduated valedictorian.
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