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Improve Symptoms of ADHD, Mental Focus, Anxiety And Mood Swings By Fine Tuning Their Health Program and Exploring Kid Friendly Functional Lab Testing 

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During our session, we'll discuss your child, symptoms, and goals. I'll also tell you about the benefits of a specialized urine lab test to help determine nutritional imbalances and deficiencies so we can get clarity on best dietary strategies to help your child!    

Annika Rockwell, RD, LN

Annika is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Nutritionist, and a Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner with 12 years of personal and professional experience using special diets to improve pediatric brain and behavior challenges. These include the Feingold Diet, Failsafe RPAH Elimination, Low-Salicylate, and Low-Oxalate Diet. 

She customizes comprehensive programs with meal plans, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations based on the bioindividual needs of each client using symptoms, functional assessment tools, and cutting-edge lab testing. Her mission is to teach parents how to heal their kids naturally by addressing the root cause!
About Annika Rockwell

During The Call, You Can Ask About... 

Pediatric Consultations
During these dedicated 1-on-1 sessions with a Licensed Nutritionist, the focus will be on clarity, solutions, support and encouragement. You'll get detailed guidance on nutrition as well as supplement suggestions. 
Meal Plan Menus & Recipes
Delicious and nutritious meal plans can be customized for your child based on age, weight, medical history, deficiencies, and any health challenges. They will also be designed based on a comprehensive dietary analysis and/or lab tests to ensure he/she is getting the right amount of protein, fats, vitamins, and nutrients. 
Kid Friendly Lab Testing
No child enjoys getting blood samples taken which is why I've got two excellent pediatric friendly tests that parents can easily administer at home by providing their child's urine or stool samples.  Tests include Urine OGX Organic Acid Metabolomics and GI Map via stool.
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