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Annika has been passionately involved in the field of functional and integrative medicine as well as nutritional supplements since 1996. She is a Registered Dietitian, a Licensed Nutritionist, and a Certified BioIndividual Nutrition Practitioner who uses cutting edge tools and lab tests to address the root cause of health challenges and medical conditions including metabolic issues like diabetes and weight loss struggles.  She loves helping transform lives using medical nutrition therapy!

Her most recent and exciting project has been developing the Meta-Fasting program with Dr. Jonny Bowden to help her clients who have weight loss resistance. These specific intermittent fasting strategies optimize fat-burning and energy, and address the root biochemical cause of carb cravings, fatigue, and hormone imbalances.

In the past, Annika spent 12 years developing nutrition programs for pediatric brain and behavior challenges including ADHD, anxiety, and picky eating and focused on special diets including the Feingold Diet, Failsafe RPAH Elimination, Low-Salicylate, and Low-Oxalate Diet. She also worked in the supplement industry for 15 years as a researcher for cutting-edge formulations.

Annika completed her dietetics internship in Endocrinology at Cleveland Clinic of Weston. She got her undergraduate degree (B.A.) from Swarthmore College in psychology/pre-medical, and then completed a Bachelors in Science from Keiser University where she graduated valedictorian.

During The Call, You Can Ask About... 

Consultations by Phone, Video, or in Office
During these dedicated 1-on-1 sessions, the focus will be on clarity, solutions, support and encouragement. You'll get a customized nutrition program, an actionable plan with detailed recommendations, and supplement suggestions. Each week, you'll receive supportive materials and updates to your program as you move through the program and your needs evolve.  Weekly consultations are the FASTEST way to improve symptoms and reach your goals! 
Meal Plan Menus & Supplements
Your customized meal plan will be delicious, nutrient dense, and have the right ratio of macronutrients based on your metabolic needs, medical history, health challenges, and goals. 

The included recipes and shopping lists will help simplify getting started on your new program. Your supplement plan will be designed based on your comprehensive dietary analysis, symptoms, goals, and lab tests.
Support, Encouragement & Tracking via Health App 
Using the cutting edge features of the Practice Better app, you'll be able to not only log your meals, exercise, symptoms, and mood into the Journal each day, but also see if you're on track with your macronutrients!  

This client portal also serves as a convenient place where I share all the info with you like consultation notes, recommendations, reminders, your meal plans, and supplement suggestions. It's HIPAA compliant software. 
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